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Andrea Onofri ·  Added on January 4, 2019 ·  2 min read

Fixing the bridge between biologists and statisticians

Hi, all!

This website deals with statistic. “What’s new then?”, you might say. “There’s plenty of them, out there!”. Yes, that’s right. However, the new thing is that I am not a statistician. I am an applied biologist who happened to be fascinated by the idea that natural phenomena might be described, interpreted and understood by using the universal language of math. Since then, I’ve been mainly involved with experimental design and data analyses. Indeed, I turned myself into an applied statistician…

My collegue Marcin Kozak, in one of his papers, noted that, although efficient communication between biologists and statisticians is fundamental for the development of knowledge, there is indeed a problem in this respect (the broken bridge)(Kozak 2016). I would like to help fix such a bridge.

Indeed, I developed the awareness that biostatistic is a fundamental component of science: it helps reach more reliable conclusions. Now I’m going grey… I would like to pass some of my experience to my younger collegues and help them save a few headaches… Though my language might be rough and overly simplistic, I do hope it is useful to reach the above aim: spread a better awareness of the potential usefulness, beauty and limitations of biostatistic.

This is an ongoing project. All blog posts are listed under the ‘Home’ directory of this website and they are searchable by date and tag. You will also find a series of tutorials and a web book (in italian), under the list pages of the single sections, i.e., tutorials and book. If you would like to contribute or comment, please, drop me a note to andrea.onofri@unipg.it.