AMMI analyses for multi-environment studies

Published at May 26, 2023 ·  19 min read

Again into a subject that is rather important for most agronomists, i.e. the selection of crop varieties. All farmers are perfectly aware that crop performances are affected both by the genotype and by the environment. These two effects are not purely additive and they often show a significant interaction. By this word, we mean that a genotype can give particularly good/bad performances in some specific environmental situations, which we may not expect, considering its average behaviour in other environmental conditions....

Fitting complex mixed models with nlme. Example #5

Published at June 5, 2020 ·  14 min read

A Joint Regression model Let’s talk about a very old, but, nonetheless, useful technique. It is widely known that the yield of a genotype in different environments depends on environmental covariates, such as the amount of rainfall in some critical periods of time. Apart from rain, also temperature, wind, solar radiation, air humidity and soil characteristics may concur to characterise a certain environment as good or bad and, ultimately, to determine yield potential....